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BIOGRAPHY Timikka L. Corley, that should about say it all in her words (TENDER LOVE AND CARE). There’s so much more hidden deep within her music. This inspiring upcoming artist is destine to make it, and with her bold talent to rap and sing, She feels as her voice starts her own lane. Timikka came up with her rap name MIRAKULOUS (Able to work miracles and that she does do) by reading the dictionary under the letter M. Timikka is third youngest out of 10 siblings combined from both parents 3 girls and 8 boys, some very talented in music as well. Her daddy taught her how to play the piano at 4 years old, but she didn't stick to it, her mistake which can be corrected because she learns quick and being an Aquarius tries to perfect everything (Perfectionist). Timikka started writing songs, poetry, and raps in 1995, but really no one knew. At the age of 12 she use to record herself with the radio and headphones plug into the mic component, and with a streak of perfectionism she would record until she got it right. Sometimes she would stay up all night writing raps and wake up the next morning to continue where she left off. That’s called perseverance and strive as she would say. Timikka has truly come a long way growing up in south central L.A, where struggles are more than tough. Gardena, CA is where she continue to do music and met Bigg Sweat and recorded her first album, which consist of 19 songs she cherishes. She survived being in foster care from 4 to 7 years of age and her mom not being in her life was hard enough, She practically raised herself. Although she thought of her mom constantly her dad was the main prominent figure in her life, So she would tune her moms empty space out with her music. Her father Earnest Christophe was also into music, he played the guitar and played in a band with the late great Tabby Thomas in Louisiana. After growing up in 2006, She starting a family of her own she finally felt loved and thought there was no better feeling. So she pushed her music on the back burner to be something she never had, a mother. Finally she understood the struggles her parents endured. This is a male dominant game so fear was pumped by hearing females can’t make it with kids, So she continue to do the family life and gave up on her dream, for Robyne Trinity, R’Joi Taliyah, (named after Aaliyah) Righteous Champion, Royalty Trooh, and Radiant Trilleion, all last names Jordan In 2009 she added 100 to the end of her name Mirakulous because she is determine to give it 100 percent. Just like giving birth you have to give it 100 percent, and have something to go hard for. Timikka continued writing verses and remaking songs of her choice. October 2015 was the year for her dramatic change when she stopped watching T.V. and started reading Think & Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and listening to Earl Nightingale and Bob Proctor every single day since. Mirakulous 100 is truly 1 of a kind, her bold unique style is like no other female in the game. She is truly what the game is missing, she just needs a chance to show the world her worth 100 percentile Good to Great. Gotta shoot for the moon to be amongst the stars. “I need a legends help” Dr. Dre they say ask, believe, and receive, this is my knock. -Ring Ding Dong
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