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?Le Femme Boue´ Call it a compass of purpose if you will. Whatever or whomever it is musical artist Le Femme Boue´ has always had people steer her in the right direction throughout her life. This talented artist is a sum of many parts who excelled at many things and in many genres including fashion before reaching this musical crossroad. It was a natural progression. Le Femme Boue´’s sound has been compared to the musical stylings of Missy Elliot layered with the look and fashion sense of Grace Jones. Back in Florida, before she was a teenager, a family friend recognized her musical potential and encouraged her to come to the studio and work on her craft. Even then, songs which included Le Femme Boue´’s vocals stood out from the other tracks they were working on at the time. As fate would have it, listeners loved it. Despite this, Le Femme Boue´ downplayed her musical strengths and pursued other interests she was just as capable of from being a wardrobe stylist for high profile celebrities such as Jamie Foxx to managing up-and-coming musical acts of her own. A few friends sat Le Femme Boue´ down for a heart-to-heart with the following edict: “If you put half of what you put into your artists into you then you would be out of here.” Other signs: passersby and the public would often mistake Le Femme Boue´ for her artists. Those burgeoning musical stirrings in Le Femme Boue´ rumbled for years. That is until the creative notes and beats inside of her couldn’t be contained anymore. Feeling stifled creatively, she finally had to let the sounds in her head out. After succumbing to her friend’s plea to “not dim her light,” Le Femme Boue´ started to move toward her musical destiny. Yet she still draws from her experiences. Her cut “Fashion Problems” is an exact interpretation of Le Femme Boue´’s calling – bringing the best out of others and inspiring them to do the same. Her lyrics are confident, direct and delivered with straight swag. The first single, “The One,” brings the heavy bass that pays homage to her lane as a hip-hop artist with an eclectic sound. It contains all of the machinations of any hit currently at top of the charts with a special flair that is uniquely Le Femme Boue´. It was still a struggle, a little scary and an overall challenge to put herself out there but now Le Femme Boue´ says there is no turning back. People are amazed at her work and she now knows it’s OK to take risks, a lesson that she instills in her music as well for both her fans and listeners alike. And it’s not just a theme to her; it’s a movement -- a movement to encourage others that it is OK to be their authentic selves....just like Le Femme Boue´. ??
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It's Lefemme In Ya Area!
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