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A resident of Los Angeles California, there isn't much that has gone unseen in his young venture into music. Self made music promoter turned artist SODENCO derives his name from his Southern United States Lifestyle. At a young age while incarcerated it was decided the only way to avoid concrete walls or annual visits in the stone garden was to travel and take on an entrepreneurial outlook in life and never depend on another to get to gain success... With his independent music promotion and through networking SODENCO has collaborated on many underground albums with artist from Colorado , California, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Florida, Europe and Mexico. South Denver Colorado A.K.A SODENCO is known for tracks like "Pose", various freestyles and cyphers, "Alive", "Champion" and many other recordings done with "Dem Ese Boys". Other artist include "Fat Lee" & "Young Swagg" for "Damelo" on a Reggaeton collaboration including a full verse in Spanish. "Thowed" is a track that would please almost any set of ears from Co. to CA, the track was recreated to feature "Rebel" from the "Triple C" and at that time brother in law, "Savee" from the 805 and Central Coast Click. As far as Colorado is concerned SODENCO has collaborated with artist from the East to the West from all colors and many genre. Its difficult to pass on an opportunity to work with SODENCO because he is one of the most versatile artist in the state. He not only a lover of music but a true creator in the sense. Look out for SODENCO in your city's and towns. He does appreciate all of your support and encouragement.


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