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(From Caleb's interview with Students of Hip Hop Legacy) Age: 20 Hometown: Richmond, Virginia (I was born in Los Angeles and Stayed in Fort Worth, TX for awhile, but RVA will always be my home) "How does where you’re from inspire your music?" RVA to me is like an untapped cultural gold mine. There’s amazing art in every aspect: Murals, indie music, original clothing, photography, you name it. The people of RVA are begging for something big to happen so that they can hold on to it and find something to be proud of. "What is the inspiration for your music?" My goal for my music is to change the culture of mainstream hip hop, and it’s ultimately what inspires me. Some see hip hop – rap in particular – as a dying art, or as something that people can exploit for personal gain rather than use it as a forum for personal expression, the way I believe art is intended to be used. When that’s the case, you need something fresh to revive it. I work day in and day out to be that something new. I want to revive the soul of die hard hip hop. Sure, I also wanna make bangers and party anthems, or show off my lyricism just because, but the evolution is the ultimate goal. "Who are some of your biggest influences in Hip-Hop or just music in general?" I grew up in a Mexican church family from California, so a lot of my music influences are based off 90’s West Coast music: Dr. Dre, Tupac, Zapp and Roger, Rage Against the Machine, that kinda stuff. As far as rap now, though, my influences are the trendsetters. I’m a big fan of guys like Kanye, Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino, Tyler the Creator, guys who aren’t afraid to push boundaries or appear weird and just be themselves. "Why should people care about you? Why should they listen to your music?" I mentioned before that I see music as a form of art. What I didn’t mention is the healing aspect. Many people see art, and music especially, as medicine: it gets them through hard times, it helps them deal with emotions they can’t express themselves. Some psychologists even believe music does more for mental illness than therapy does. That being said, I believe this world needs healing, and what better way to do it than with something I’m passionate about, even good at, feel me? That’s why people should listen to my music. To heal.

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