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From growing up in Aberdeen, Maryland this 19 year old is making his way to South Florida. He goes by the name of Tajaiii. The name may sound familiar, as his father has always had many rap and hip-hop influences growing up in Cali. He was named after the lead rapper from Souls Of Mischief, "Tajai". He moved to Miami a few years ago, and has been chasing a musical sound that gives him a nostalgic presence. He also thinks of himself as a conscious rapper but with a versatile style. Tajai has opened up for Rakim & believes he can resurrect hip hop for today's culture. With many influences from Kanye West to J. Cole to Kendrick Lamar. Tajai writes his own songs, & also writes music for others as well varying in different genres. "Everything is energy" as he puts it, resonating that belief onto his listeners through his music.

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