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Born Todd Mooney, Moon P began developing his passion for music at the young age of 6 years old. Raised by a single mother in the city of palmetto (Fl), he began developing a sense of rhythm and harmonic tone by emulating artist such as Michael Jackson, 2pac, Force MD’s, and countless others. At the age of 14, he got with a group of friends and formed the rap group Lyrical Mindz, competing in various freestyle battles with other guys from around the way. His tenure with this specific group of friends would be short lived as Moon P ventured out on his own and began rapping solo; sampling beats from other artist and coming up with his songs of his own. It would be shortly after graduating high school that Moon P would go on to join another group of friends as they called themselves the Wee Deep Boyz. In 2001 they released an underground album titled “Krushin Y’all Haterz”. This album would soon draw attention from local fans, and recognition from the well-known independent artist locally. In 2004, the group would release their follow-up album “Underground”. In 2007, Moon P would independently release his first solo album “The Eclipse” with his lead-off single “Go Moon P”. In 2008 Moon P would release his mixtape “I’m next”, Hosted by Slip-N-Slide DJ Troy 2 Da Vent, gaining him notoriety as an independent solo artist. For his success with the Mixtape “I’m Next” he was given the red carpet independent artist of the year award. In 2009 Moon P completed his 2nd solo album “I’m Back, F*ck you” but it would never be released. Currently Moon P is working on his next solo project due to be released in the Fall of 2016. With his lead-off single “Give a F*ck” Moon P is expected to make a lot of noise in the music game. Tracks are expected to be self-produced and feature artist such as Jack Starr, Jacquez, Tony P, and a few others. I think it’s safe to say that Moon P has a bright future in the music game.

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