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Born and raised in Nashville, TN, Darren B is a multi talented artist with a multi facet approach to pleasing his fans . A God fearing artist in a secular society wanting to dominate the billboard charts, Grammy stage, or whatever else solidifies greatness and the talent that God has placed in him. Darren B is a lyrical talent who has fun doing his passion of music so artistry definitely bleeds through each song he graces. The rap game is starting to sound like the wild wild west with the shoot em up bang bang approach, however, Darren B has a more family oriented approach to his music. Simply put, his music his life is how the songs play out. Even with this approach its never a vain or self centered approach, its always portrayed in a way you can see yourself in his music which quite frankly, makes that play back button look even more enticing. With handling all the beat making, production and song writing, DarrenB is truly a talent, who makes sure he puts his own personal touch on everything he records on.

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