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Distortion is a 21 year old rapper form the Gold Coast, Australia He found a love and passion for music at very young age growing up listening to great musicians such as Bob Marley, AC/DC, Midnight Oil, Bob Dylan, Pink Floyd ect. Jump ahead to his early teenage years Distotions music was heavily influenced by Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Eminem, Dr Dre, Snopp Dogg, Ice Cube, Bone Thugz, Twista and many more, When he started making music these were his biggest influences he wanted to speak for people who had no voice! In 2012 Distortion released his first mixtape 'Skys The Limit' all though attending high school at the time he pushed the project on to all of his friends, family and people he knew from out school around the neighborhood. It was a hit !!! everybody loved it finally they had someone they could relate to that was the same age. When Distortion was 15 he hit a hard point in his life when he was kicked out of home and lived on the streets for months, through this time he wrote raps on a nokia e63 while he sat in shopping centres trying to think of ways to get a meal. A couple months before his 16th birthday his grandparents in Cairns, Australia took him in. Throughout his time there he made a lot of new friends and started making music again but never released much of it In 2014, 2 months before Distortions 18th birthday his son was born forcing him to put his head down and focus on either making this music thing happen or giving up on it completely he chose to make it happen! On the 16th of December 2015 He released his second mix-tape 'Back Again' but due to being gone from the music scene a good 3 years it was sadly slept on and Distortion says he wished he never rushed the mix-tape and gave it time to build some momentum before its release. In 2017 Distortion is gearing up to release his biggest and best mix-tape to date !! 'I Got Next' will feature artists such as Ursa 13 a Brisbane rapper who has shared the stage with acts like Rittz, Swollen Members,Madchild, Bow Wow, T-pain and many more and it also features a local Gold Coast girl Tianah Barnes singing the chorus on the track Break Down This is not only a great way for Distortion to end 2017 but also an even better way to go into 2018

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