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A Maori Fijian boy raised in Hikurangi, a small town in the north of the North Island of New Zealand, where the love for music was a everyday thing. Being brought up with a musical family, he was introduced to all different types of music genres and styles from an early age. Singing, Dancing and Maori Performing Arts (Kapa Haka) were all part of his up bringing. He first began recording his own music back in high school in 2002. He recorded his first two tracks with his first joint rap crew named Northlands Finest. This kicked off the feeling for writing his own lyrics and composing original songs. 8 years later he moved to Sydney, Australia and continued on a solo mission to create original material and shortly after meeting lots of new connections he continued to chase THE DREAM. 2 years after this he made the move to Brisbane, Australia where he joined his new rap brotherhood 4 Capital Profit aka 4CP aka IV.C.P, who shortly after were signed to CBK Records. Now back in the position to pursue his solo mission once again, EKSEL wants to create music that is true to himself. Music that will lift people, Music that people can turn too at times of need. Music you can party too and Music you can ride in the lowrider too EKSEL is out to create straight up pure EKSEL Music!

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