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Artist Biography? POETIC SINGER AND SONG WRITER Angelina Hayes also none as Angie born in Compton California. she was raised in san Bernardino California. this young lady has been singing since the age of five she also loved to dance. Angelina Hayes was the lead singer in her church choir; she grew up attending the church of god in Christ in Compton California. later as she began to listen to different music to which she fell in love with R&B soul. while attending school she caught the attention of her elementary teacher Carolyn Jefferson who opened doors’ FOR Angie at a young age. this young talent had something special and different then other singers at her young age and her teacher noticed that about her. as Angelina Hayes begin to get older she realized that singing was what she wanted to do with her life, she has worked hard in developing her talent and her writing skills‘. Music Influences by Lina Horn Chakah Khan and Jill Scott Now as an adult Angelina Hayes is pretty much an established artist. she writes music in a poetic form, R&B soul is what she produces with her soulful sound she’s un- stop-able.

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