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Boonkdawg born and raised in the West End part of Durham, NC. To jump straight to the point he came from a great home but where I lived it won’t the best. He grew up in a drug infested environment aunties and uncles doing all type of hard drugs his cousins big brother everybody selling dope so that’s kinda all he knew. He jumped of the porch around 14 he’s 27 now that’s 13 years of running and learning the streets. And school was always good up until high school when his brother and cousin got killed that’s when he literally said fuck school and everything that came with it and that’s when he caught my first charge from then on out shit just went downhill. He started smoking hustling doing all the stuff he would see the people he looked up to do. Breaking in houses carrying pistols you know the whole 9. This when the music started to come in effect brother got killed his cousin got killed he felt like he had everything in the world to rap about. Born And Raised the first song he ever recorded it was a hood anthem he didn’t care what nobody said, all the OG’s and Big Dogs was asking for that song just to ride around and listen too. He was more influenced by Black Boy, ChuckMadeIt, B-Stacks and Teezy cause at the moment that’s when the music started to pop in bull city. I remember asking Black Boy to put me on a track but he felt like I won’t ready which I won’t but I was ya feel me. A few years later I moved to HT ( hickstown ) that’s when I linked up with yayo and my cousin smoke. At the moment smoke was heavy in the music shit so I’d be hanging with him perfecting my craft on the low waiting for the perfect opportunity. Then I came up with Black and White I let smoke hear my verse and he demanded that he do the second verse which I had no mind with cause I was a rookie I was just coming in and smoke was well established and well known so why not let him jump on the track. Smoke said “shiid cuz I’m gone put you on my mixtape and I’m like okay cool”. That’s when 2alive 2die dropped and I was featured on two the tracks that’s when I said yeahhhhh I wanna take this shit serious. I started doing artist showcases and all until this Coast2Coast thing caught my attention another artist showcase but the best thus far. And it’s so crazy cause I was so new to the game my performance game won’t shit but I had the crowd control just from lyrics and everybody THOUGHT I wasn’t ready for that crowd until the end of the night I won the 1st place prize trip to Miami and the Coast2Coast music convention and every since then it’s been a go. I got Guilty By Association out right now you can download on spinrilla, my mixtapes, dat piff then I’m currently working on my next tape Finessin Da Industry more of a jacking for beats type mixtape and Guilty By Association 2. So right now it’s just grind mode and I keep my foot on the gas.... Artist Name: Boonkdawg Social Media - Facebook- - Instagram- 1000blck_Boonkdawg - Twitter- RollieGang_93 - Snapchat- lilchuck919 My Music/Videos Guilty By Association Roll In Peace Video Trending Video Heaven Or Hell Video Availability: mon-wens, fri-sat Brands: WLP ( Wes Lofton Productions )
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