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WitItGang is the Haitian/Dominican group of brothers from Brooklyn now holding down the hip hop scene in Orlando, Florida. They are proud to be bold, honest, and gifted. Their sound is a mix of NYC roots and South Coast style, growing and adapting with the changing times and their changing lives. Living a nomadic life from hood to hood – Brooklyn to Albany, to Kissimmee (FL), and finally to Orlando – has only sharpened their musical talent. Influences include the usual industry giants, as well as: the firm, harlem world, tha dogg pound, eightball & MJG, dutch & spade, Half a mil (may he rest in peace), and mobb deep. Their future is bright as they represent the original sound fans are craving. The foundation is set and WitItGang is the brightest rising talent on the horizon. Be sure to check out their hit single, “She Lyke” and all of their music on the official website

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