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Derived from the streets of University City housed in the confines of St.Louis Mo, the band “Da Kompetition” emerges. Aaron and Damien creators and CEO’s of Da Kompetition takes their childhood friendship to another level. The lyrical roots go as far back as junior high school. Riding off of the riffs and beats of one day delivering award winning lyrical content that speaks to the heart of hip hop on the big stage. The duo decided to create a space to release the passion and love for the artistry of music. Aaron and Damien began to put in late nights and long days laying down layers of melodic flows, beats and hooks. Within each stroke of the pen and spoken lyrical word Doe and Streetz came into fruition. Da Kompetition is known for their innovative-style approach to addressing your digital and musical needs. Avid writers, results-oriented lyricist and socially conscious individuals. Experts in lyrical content and strategic analysis verse by verse, developing a perfect bridge and implementing a flawless hook. Outstanding work ethic; poised and articulate musicians. Highly proficient and thrives in challenging environments with excellent communication, interpersonal, negotiation, presentation, and leadership skills. Their freshman year includes the band first body of work being released “We Da Kompetition Vol 1.” Surrounding themselves with a team of platinum status constituents such as Jung Tru in an monumental year in 2012. This collaboration serves as a catalyst that begin the merger with content that pushes their Sophomore project “Saturday Night Live” in 2015. Also adding to a great lists of legendary producers such as XP(Ben), Twan Beatmaker, Cinister, Beau Willie, Jae Class and to round out the list Jung Tru CEO of World Win Entertainment. Making 2016 the year of elimination Da Kompetition strategically put in place the strategy that will place the instrument of longevity in the hands of Da Kompetition. Da Kompetition live by these words “There is no “I” in team to endure is to overcome.”
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