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PHENIX It takes an old soul to realize that beauty is often born from struggle. It takes a person with a special kind of awareness of this, to focus their entire life’s work and artistry on this constant evolution. Phenix, a musical artist based out of Nashville, TN has done just that. Drawing from life experiences that often challenged and questioned, her heartfelt lyrics and stories encourage her listeners to rise from their ashes and embrace the beauty of being reborn. Extremely expressive with her writing and performing, her music is a reflection of the true complexity of her artistry. She is known for writings that not only express the depths of her soul, but also infuse edginess and playfulness. Phenix has coined her sound as “Roxul Pop,” a self-made genre which encompasses a mixture of pop melodies, soulful infusions, and is tied
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Bad Chick
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Southern Life
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