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FLUSHGOTTI KDK.KELLER211@GMAIL.COM 337-292-8460 ARTISTS/SONGWRITTER TOP LEVEL MUSIC GROUP HOUSTON,TX Get to know me I am Flushgotti music became an interest of mine at a young age right along with football. That faded away from due to behavioral issues but it’s all good. Music became was the only thing as a kid that can keep me out of trouble and concentrated. Of course, like any other human certain environments consumed me but, a mistake can only be affective if you learn from it. .I was created in the womb and raised in Houston, TX.I been leggin since I could walk. Leggin is my lingo that’s how I speak. My preference comes natural for me to speak from my experience, so I would fit into the category of a trap rapper. Lyrics are meant to make someone relate to you; it’s like telling my testimony in 3 mins at time. Each project will tell you a chapter of my life that I have overcame or struggled with. You can find my music on YouTube, Apple Music, & WordStar Hip Hop. On my projects I average about 10K to 80K views. I’ve performed in Austin for SXSW, performed in Atlanta, California, Dallas, and have had hundreds of shows in Houston. My most recent work was with GoYayo, and Jay Lewis. The grind never stops though ill always have more room to eat until I’m where I want to be.


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