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The man that’s Jus D used to just be a kid running around his house singing anytime his mother turned a corner. His love of music and performing eventually led the Kansas City native to release his debut mixtape in 2012, Money Music & Mayhem. It came after a trying time in the emcee’s life. Serving a five-year sentence inspired the first, but it was his assimilation back into the real world that inspired 2013’s The Come Up. A couple of years later a true series of unfortunate events hit his family like a hurricane. Jus D decided to spin the negatives into a positive with Everything's Changed. Now he's focused on the here and now with New World Order and a sick single, "Round The Globe." Jus D's authenticity can be heard throughout his rhymes. He writes and performs from a perspective only he can, as his take on music is as personal as it can get. He notes, "I put my life into every song, I try to let my spirit take the direction of the song when I tend to create. I'm totally non-fiction," adding, "I make music that you can feel, it's about feeling with me, I want you to understand it's real." Incredibly personal and sonically surreal, Jus D's songs are on another level. From "Remain The Same" inspired by a day down in Miami with his brother and George Michael being plucked on a guitar to "Far Away" a song in which he let his heart take the wheel. Every track is an extension of who he is, not just as a musician but as a human on earth. His tenacity and talent has led him to being featured on "For Smokers Only 9" hosted by Snoop Dogg and DJ Funky and making Atlanta's Top 20 Records in April 2017. Jus D even had the opportunity to stunt in front of 2 Chainz's crowd when he opened for him at Boulevard Nights in Kansas City, KS, as well as Lil Wayne's in Atlanta, GA. 2017 saw the release of Jus D's transcending new album, New World Order. As well as his single "Round The Globe," which is where he plans to be in the near future. First, he'll be focusing on the US by starting off in Atlanta, hitting SXSW in March and then going from there.

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