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K-aos believes that when his music is heard and when he is seen, the people should be amazed by the creativity, sound and energy that he carries. He desires to grace platforms on purpose not just for pleasure. Like any other Talent, K-aos is very excited about the opportunity to be known for what he does, where millions of people are reciting his lyrics and being moved by the messages. He desires to be known for his “unique videos and lyrics, as well as his personality. One thing you will know about K-aos Keith, there is no conceit within him, just confidence that he was chosen to present his own life story through music. The talented artist has currently five (5) recorded songs laid out, this is just for the people. If we were to visit his home we would find that not only does K-aos Keith write, rhyme and sing, but he also produces tracks. His many gifts keep him in preparation mode for the next big thing.

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