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O’s Biography * Hailing from St.Pete, Florida (Pine’County's) is the Dynamic, Lyrically Insightful “O’ Beast Tha Great” ! The Very Anticipated Artist has a Beastly Manner about himself with Eclectic Skills and has Finally took it Pro! When you’re Dealing with someone like him comparisons to other Rappers is Difficult at Best. His Variety of Flows makes him one of the last Trendsetters of this time. His Delivery Demands your Attention. His Stage Presence is a Must See TV' Type of Display with the Energy it Deserves. Now say it out loud, O’Beast Tha Great…! The Name itself explains what you’ll get in a nutshell. His beginnings from the Battle Rap scene gives him the Intense Win or Die Competitive Juice, Heart, Stamina etc. The Man certainly has an Agenda with his craft and Shouldn’t be taken Lightly. Without further Ado I Represent and Present to you Tha Great O’ Beast Tha Great ! O’ Beast Tha Great !
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O'Beast Tha Gr8
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O'Beast Da Gr8
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O'Beast City Round'1 Cover

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