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Hi, my name is Zeek. I am an 20 year old Chicago artist/producer. I have been writing my own songs and creating my own tracks since the age of 12. I also do modeling and have trained to do live band performances. I love to inspire others of my generation. The music that I create paints a perfect picture of my starting ground, telling stories about my generation that sometimes can't speak for themselves. My biggest goal is to take hip hop to a entirely different level and put Chicago on a peddle stool for something better than just drill music. I spent majority of my years growing up on the south side. Living here taught me one thing, how to be aggressive it gradually became accommodated, but instead of me being aggressive physically, I decided to build my aggression mentally. Watching the years go by and more friends being killed, taught me that voice is everything, if you saying it right. If your mind is capable of understanding both sides of the world, from the neighborhood block to the business aspect, write about it. I don't compare myself to any other artist, of course I have my role models but as far as sound, I built that based on what I already had and blended what I have been hearing. Knowing what I have is pure talent, that doesn't cope with me,any body can have talent anybody can be great but it takes time and it takes focus to create a legend. With that being said, i'm not here just to rap or sing about partying and getting drunk, which is good for the moment. I'm here to rap and sing dialogues, stories that will last forever.

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