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Paidro Classic is a talented upcoming rapper from East Oakland, CA. At the age of seventeen Paidro became involved with music when a friend of his forced him to rap on a beat he made. It wasn’t until he snapped his wrist in the eleventh grade while playing basketball that Paidro decided to take music seriously. While in the group “Da Blocknocs” with brother Killa Fonte they’ve released 4 mixtapes including Guard Ya Face,the Lost Tape and. Da Blocknoc Life 1&2 w/DJ Phyia. Although still on the same crew (Real Repty) the two have spent time focusing on their solo careers. “It was something i had to do in my career to develop my own sound” Paidro has released, “Fly Shit Only 1 & 2” (2015/2016) After being incarcerated for the yr of 2017 , Paidro is now back with his newest release Alone Make You Strong” “What i has been threw in life dealing with the issues of young black men in the streets , to overcome those in life also inspires the lyrics in many of my songs, i try n keep my lyrics in story form, tell it for those who cant rap for themselves”?—?Paidro Classic

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