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BabyBoss was born in Galveston, Texas and raised in Trinity, Texas. During the earlier part of her childhood, life was great like any other family. It was not until her father got addicted to drugs, when life took a turn for the worst. Her and younger sisters went through a lot from watching their mother brutally beaten on a daily basis, to rape, and other challenges that came along with a parent that is battling addiction. Life was challenging and the situations they ended up in where not the best. There was a lot of anger, fear, hurt and many other emotions she was feeling and did not know how to release which turned into rage. This is when she begin singing and noticed the singing helped calm her down. The first time that she used her gift in front of an audience was late one night. she remembers getting up out of bed in her night clothes, ending up at one of a local rappers after party events with his old group Ice Cold. BabyBoss begin rapping at the age of 8, possibly was younger, but will always remember doing remixes of songs that were hot at the time. BabyBoss then started a female group called the Wyld Chyldz that included herself, a childhood friend and her 2 sisters. Not long after they were doing block parties and getting invited to perform and entering many showcases and talent shows. During this time of her life she learned very quickly about the prejudices that are still around and how the color of our skin still mattered. The girls were kicked out of a country western sports bar because of their race, it was really discouraging. As time went on, she continued to write and rap, gaining many accomplishments as a small town artist, such as opening up for Devin the Dude, Billy Cook, Lil' Keke, Tre', and a few more in her teen years. From Trinity, Texas to Lufkin,Texas, she called this time of her life the move, this is when she end up meeting Body Roc Ent/Trac Wreckaz. BabyBoss became known in Lufkin as the female "Twista" of BodyRoc ent. Although some of her favorite artist she looked up to included 2Pac, Bone Thugs and Harmony, Missy Elliot, Busta Rymes, and Q-tip. She was a style of her own, and really could not be compared, and that is what made her stand out the most within this crew. They were hot, sexy, and popping performing in local clubs in the 936 area. BabyBoss then createed her second female group and named it MsUndastood. It consisted of her sister and another female rapper from BodyRoc ENT. BabyBoss created and wrote many of the songs that they put together, and as many groups do, they came to an end. She then moved on to work on her solo career with producer and DJ Ron Ceezy. "It was an open relationship in this label, there were no contracts, everyone was from the streets, so that being said, it was all about loyalty and mutual respect." During her current and past time with Body Roc she has dropped a few albums including, "What ya'll Know about the Dirty South", "Highlyfe", "Queen of Crunk" and many compilations including one with another local legend Omega Mix of Mopped up Records, and many other artist. Now with the assistance of promotional manager Tasha Mack Promo and producer DJ Ron Ceezy, they are looking to keep the fire going by giving the streets music that they miss. Still knocking the pictures of the wall keeping it G' and making you dance, but with a message in the lyrics itself. Different sound, different style, straight originality combined with her versatility to cater to all audiences Oh Yeah! Her name is BabyBoss, one word. Representer of the LGBTQ community, advocate for people with disabilities and a dope lyricist. The Beast outtha SlumS, BABYBOSS!!!

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