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After HearinG pooG spit Bad boy was very excited about helpinG pooG take his talent to the next level Bad Boy walked in the GaraGe and hear pooG spittinG Blood and Flesh From Da Bleed Diary and Asked pooG 'yo thats TiGht BRO WHO'S THAT?' pooG responded by sayinG 'That's me bro' Bad boy was in aww and said 'for real ?' pooG sayinG yeah bro that's me bad boy shows pooG a video of S.M.G and Dayze explaininG who they were pooG was interrested Two days later bad boy tells pooG that he had a chanGe for him to Get on staGe pooG couldn't believe it but it was true a day later bad boy picked pooG up and took hium to BIG V'S Saloon to meet Cyco Mico the man whos known all over the United States and World for bookinG shows and GivinG a yonG buck like pooG a chance to show what they Got DAZYE S.M.G BAD BOY CYCO MICO LUCCI THE DON and a few others was there for pooG's first time hittinG the StaGe in that scene And It was Good enouGh to Get the ball rollinG on his career.whats da bleed im pooG Da Devil fastest rapper in Minnesota representinG all the bleeders across the world includinG myself i also make music for the emos, Goths and even the juGGalos and juGGalettes that wanna listen to the bleed.
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