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Along with his Jreamcatcher and ZooMusic brand labels featuring MC Jonti and WhoisDaveRoberts?, P Wil, PJ Wilson, is no stranger to live performances. PJ has opened up, with his group, The JerzyZoo JreamCatchers, for a number of big name music icons such as Papoose, Cory Gunz, Meek Mill, Mac Miller, Joe Budden and more. He has been apart of countless talent showcases demonstrating his skill and passion for hip hop with his poetic style of lyricism and clever wordplay along side the likes of many prestigious DJ''''''''s including DJ Drewski, DJ Monse, and the drama king DJ Kay Slay, who once compared his style to that "of a young Nas early in his career," as well as countless other shows across his NJ home state and country. P Wil has made appearances on Video Music Box, Hot 97, both, Brookdale and Monmouth U radio, as well as a plethora of other livestream online radio broadcasts as well. Performing from all over the Tri-State area, NY, NJ, Conn, Pa; as far south as MA, NC, Ga, FL; and as far west as NV, and CA, P Wil is ready to bring his unique style of spoken word hip hop lyricism to the Coast2Coast Live Stage NYC Edition with a NEW sound for him of hip hop / pop dance music, with a new artist eager to bring his voice out to center stage, blowing everyone away with his deep vocals sharp looks and unique dance style, Pop Artist..Tyler Logan.

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