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$upa Dave Beat$ aka Yung Bell $hawty aka David White is one of Washington, DC’s premiere up and coming producer/writer/MC’s. Back in 2007 the White Brothers began an entertainment company called V-12 Entertainment, and have been developing artists ever since. The youngest of the White bunch has seen all 3 older brothers rise to success through unmatched work ethic and dedication to become DMV legends. His timeless in-house production and distinctive Rover Musik sound has landed him in the contention with the DMV’s hottest up and coming artists. Being new to the game $upa has studied, learned, and perfected his craft leading him to the forefront of the DMV hip hop scene. Although he has been doing music since 2005, he never took it serious until July 2009 when his older brother Kellen White was shot and killed in front of the US Capital building by police. Channeling his anger and frustration $upa Dave picked up the mic, and began to put it down on the MPC to create an original and unique sound only to be heard from him. “You only put out what you want people to hear/see”, $upa says, when speakin about why it has taken so long to put out a project. “Why waste material or put something out there if u aint ready”, the ambitious MC has stated. Now more ready than ever the time is here. Look for many projects to come from V-12 Ent, LLC. $upa Dave Beat$ is on his grind, working on his debut mixtape, “Everything Homegrown” and follow-up projects like “The Soundtrack Volumes 1 & 2”.
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