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Tyrone Martell Brooks (born November 25, 1984), Better Known By His Stage Name Duckzel Is An American Entertainer, Song Writer, And Entrepreneur. He Debuted In 2012 And Is Known For His Hit Youtube Freestyle "Feeling Like Im Flying" As Well As His Collaberations With Fellow Vegas Rappers Such As YungRockyDaDon, C.O., Dymond J, And King Booty. Duckzel Gained Local Recognition In 2015 After Releasing His Smash Hit Single Pot Of Gold Ft. Dymond J. As An Entrepreneur And Investor Duckzel Is The Sole Owner And Creator Of "Featherz" Fashion Line Witch Is Set To Realese In The Summer Of 2015. He Also Founded His Record Lable "Fly''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''n V Ent." And Marketing And Promotions Team "Duckzel Muzic Group". As An Artist, Duckzel Is Currently Working On His Debute Mixtape "AbDuckEd" Set To Be Realesed Winter 2015. He Also Just Released His First Single And Official Video "Pot Of Gold" Ft. Dymond J And Be On The Look out For His Next Hit Single "Drugz" Video Coming Soon As Well. As An Entertainer in Collaboration With "MeloTvNews" Tyrone "Duckzel" Brooks Was Born In Minnapolis, Minnesota. He Later Moved With His Single Mother And Younger Sister To Las Vegas, Nevada. He And His Sister (Tynisha Brooks), Were Rasied By Their Mother, Cathy Brooks, After Leaving An Abusive Relationship With Their Father(Alvin Dixon). He Claims That To Be "One Of His Most Life Changing Experiences Ever", In A Interview On "MeloTvNews". Tyrone Went To Cimmarron-Memorial High School And Graduated Class Of ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''03. ? Tyrone Always A Had Flare For The Dramatics His Entire Life, He''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s Somebody Who Strives To Be Different Never Wanting To Be The Same In No Way Shape Or Form. He''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s One Of The Most Humble Individuals You Would Ever Come Across, The Type Of Person That Would Give You The Shirt Off His Back Without Question. He Prides HimSelf On Being The Best Father To His 2 Sons(Deion,Dillon) And Being Great At Everything Else He Does. The Movement Is In Motion Birds Of A Feather Flock Together, Sometimes You Have To Fall Before You Fly, And You Can''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t Be Fly Without "Featherz".......#Quack

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