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Verse Love, born Antonio Lee on February 18, 1989 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Verse Love derived from his versatility and love for music. He is the eldest brother of four. Very early in life his mother moved their family north to a very small town, Baldwin Michigan. As a child Verse always had a love for music, raised listening to some of the greatest old school R&B. Started off with writing rhymes in 99'''''''' later turned into raps. Through all his struggles, he would bleed his emotion on a pad to a beat so that one day his kids would never have to see the pain he did. Later in life, Verse Love moved back to Grand Rapids, where he eventually started a family of his own. He became part of a local group called “Yung Celebs”. After a couple years in the group, Verse knew he had to go independent to get where he wanted in his music career. With the ability to write all of his own music, he pushed himself even harder perfecting his craft. Verse moved his family 1500 miles away from everything he has ever known to pursue his music career. They relocated to sunny South Florida, West Palm Beach. Since the relocation being presented with endless opportunities, Verse knows it was the best decision he has ever made. He has been featured on Steve Harvey''''''''s Florida''''''''s Hit Station X102.3; Placed 2nd at Coast 2 Coast Live Miami Edition with his hit single "Radio Love" and continues to deliver music to his fans with shows! "My music isn''''''''t always kid friendly (commercial).... But neither was my life!" -Verse Love
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