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T.R.Y.M.E. The Reason Your Mind Escalates Is a Young rapper from CabCounty North Carolina. Born in Providence Rhode Island. The youngest of a five child single parent family. Started rapping at age 12 although dreams and intentions were set on beat making. By age 14 I not only rapped but produced and wrote songs to over 4 genres. Strongly influenced by a diverse list of artist like the Fugees,TCQ, Kanye West,and Eminem. The movement SIE Sophisticated Ignorance Enterprise was started in 2011. "I fill that ignorance is a choice and away to reach the minds of truely unware individuals. I want to change the game through blunt reality and knowledge. My goal is to raise consciousness in our youth but ultimately the world. I believe that anything is possible through knowledge and determination. I truly live outside the box and I don''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t set any barriers for where music or my mind can take me. I believe I have more than enough potential to change views and make history through my music. It''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s what I live for. I can be described as unique but to me its an understatement."

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