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Maurice “Swaggdad”Deramus was born September, 2nd 1989. Raised in Chattanooga TN, Swaggdad is a member of the historic Shepherd community. Early in childhood, Swaggdad and his brother, Matthew Deramus, was adopted by their aunt, Selacia Smith, because of extenuated family circumstances. Since the age of 9, Swagg and his best friend, Donovan Harris, spent hours playing basketball in hopes of one day becoming NBA legends. In their spare time, the two friends recorded rhymes on tape recorders, not knowing this would become a talent and an unstoppable habit. Because of his family’s dysfunction, Swagg stopped caring for his education and failed his classes. During the summer of 2003, Swagg suffered a devastating patella tendon knee injury, which tremendously caused a downfall for his dreams of playing ball, which also in turn ruined his confidence. Swaggdad was so intertwined with music, his best friend Donovan insisted that he link up with another up and coming artist, Matthew “A.I.B” Sullivan, better known as the “Murda Man.” Swagg and A.I.B. met and formed the group “Steady Mobbin’.” The two began to skip school to spit rhymes and eventually increased their group size which consisted of their close friends. Steady Mobbin’ instantly became high school favorites and over time, the group began to separate because of the lack of progression and motivation. With his determination at its peak, Swaggdad continued on after being kicked out of school for not adhering to the attendance policy. Swagg attended Job Corps in Batesville, MS. Almost immediately, Swagg became highly favored by the staff and students; he was able to finish earning his high school diploma, a trade in retail sales, and a national certification for customer service. While attending Job Crops, one of his close friends and members of Steady Mobbin’, Robert Whitfield, was murdered July 22, 2009. After the incident, Swagg moved back home with his mother, Octavia Sharena Hollaway. On the night October 9th, 2012, Swaggdad spoke to his mother about advice with life and socialized with a friendly game of cards. On the morning of October 12, 2012, Swagg''''s mother walked into his room, quiet and smiling, but did not say word. While getting the children in the house ready for daycare, the children attempted to speak to her but she never responded. Swaggdad asked his mother was she ok and she nodded her head slowly to say yes. Swagg was not aware that anything was wrong and he proceeded to take the children to daycare. When returned to his mother’s home, he pulled in the driveway to find his mother was headed out to the hospital on a stretcher. When he arrived at Erlanger Hospital, the doctor assisting his mother told Swagg that she suffered from a brain aneurism; this would be the last day Swagg would see his mother. Today, Swaggdad is still pursuing music now more than ever! Releasing his highly anticipated in mixtape titled “ Distinction” during June 2013. Swagg’s artistry is known for his crazy, off the wall, metaphoric and unique delivery. His style is very diverse and aggressive; bold and confident. To be a big man he has tons agility; his camera presence demands your full and undivided attention! He yields the ability to paint a picture and tell a great story with his expansive creativity and imagination; his influence of his professional name comes from a combination of his impeccable swagger, fused with character and class, and finally, rhyming with the city of Baghdad. Through his music, he defines his one of a kind delivery with clever punch lines and passion to create great music. Today Swaggdad is a full time artist and full time father, holding on to the dream of becoming a successful artist and CEO of his own music group one day. Swagg says he let go of one dream but he will not give up on the dream of having the world hear his music and to etch his name as one of the greatest artists of all time
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