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               At age 23, Compton Native Artist/Lyricist DonJay is turning heads of the street audience building and creating a buzz and fan base from the ground up from nothing but pure ambition, motivation, hard work and determination. DonJay’s dedication has always been fueled and energized learning from life’s experiences.  From bad choices made which landed him in and out of jail as a juvenile delinquent. Recently he was released from a upstate Folsom prison cell after doing a 4 year bid for 1st degree burglary. Back in 2010 DonJay started off rapping always having a ear for music, never taking it serious until 2011 when he went to a mix tape party free styling the lyrics he spit which inspired him to make his first mix tape, The Entrepreneurs Dream. After going through court battles on trial being convicted at age 19, DonJay ended up in prison never being able to launch his mix tape. Upon his release he went right back to work in the studio recreating his first mix tape speaking about topics on guns, drugs, women, love, and the struggle of poverty living everyday war zones of the streets along with the grind. DonJay was shot back in 2010 saving his friends life which only made him more ambitious. He recalls carrying a pistol everywhere after that. After reuniting with his father at the age of 19 he put more work into his music creating a message behind it for the youth inspired by his fellow peers meeting rapper/artist Kid Ink back in 2011 at a signing released for his wheels up mix tape along with meeting Kid inks Business partner/manager, DJ Ill Will only Inspired DonJay to achieve his goals of accomplishing his dreams to make it. When DonJay met Marcus Houston at a casting call for movie back in 2011 it made him work harder, now after crafting and mastering his skills, the young talented artist DonJay is ready for the big leagues to pitch so that he can hit a home run!
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