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John Dee born and raised in Bainbridge Ga. He was always around music if it was his dad playing R. Kelly on his stereo or his uncle DJ at local parties and for cookouts. He started writing music in Middle School because of his 1st love, so he started writing poems and little hooks for her. He wasn''''''''t heavy into music at the time because he had a crew that was known around their town for hip hop dancing. They got a gig to be Nappy Boy''''''''s background dancer all through 11 & 12th grade. A while after that he moved to Orlando FL to pursue his dreams in music and arts. He went to Full Sail University and got his Bachelors Degree in Digital Arts & Design. Since then he''''''''s been doing shows in Downtown Orlando to push his music. He came here alone knowing anybody and still had the ambition to go out and get what he wanted. He dropped 3 Mixtapes online and still is holding on to 4. This mixtape "Fresh Prince of Ga" is going to be the biggest. It''''''''s explaining the college life, the struggle he was going through to live in Orlando, and his journey coming out of Ga to FL. A lot of people says that when they hear his music they would think he''''''''s from New York City because of his flow and delivery but less do they know he''''''''s from the south side of Ga. This guy will be around for years to come.

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