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CITY OF THA SNOW is more than a record label. We are the product of a rebellion against "Pop Corn Hip-Hop". A colloquial expression coined to describe popular hip hop, with "corny/cornball" lyrics. Subsequently, CITY OF THA SNOW is constantly revered for the controversial topics addressed through our lyrical imagery. Most topics considered taboo for today's mainstream artist, is where CITY OF THA SNOW has created a niche to supply the demands of our fans; all the while, keeping the dance floors packed. When asked about comparisons or contrast to our Colorado counterparts in the urban music scene, DJ JABOO responded, " The MORE 2 LIFE mix tape definitely offers substance, (there are) no bling-bling, tuff guy/ tuff talk lyrics." There is no reason to fabricate or exaggerate the experiences/background of CITY OF THA SNOW. Our label is controversial at least. CITY OF THA SNOW was branded the title of "bad guys" when several police officers apprehended a group of teenagers for criminal conduct wearing the CITY OF THA SNOW logo on their clothes. The misunderstanding caused reputable vendors and promoters to violate contracted agreements for appearances and performances known as "SNOW SHOW'S". "Any publicity is good publicity, but we definitely do not want our fans to feel targeted for supporting our movement." saimix*************** ARTICLE CUT TO RESERVE SPACE ***************Colorado and several Denver International Airport vendors are currently in the making. "Our logo (created by DJ Jaboo) has a universal appeal. It's aesthetically pleasing and represents the struggle of those from the cold, heartless, urban neighborhoods of America striving for a change. MORE 2 LIFE, is the follow-up album fans have anxiously waited for since the snowball of controversy surrounding CITY OF THA SNOW has avalanched. MORE 2 LIFE was mixed by DJ Strangah, Colorado's most notable DJ on a nationwide scale as far as mix tapes, concerts, and events. DJ KTONE, who mixed COTS second mix tape Meltdown, and was featured in OZONE magazine and respected as Colorado's top urban DJ provided extraordinary reviews for MORE 2 LIFE. Also, Julox, who was at one point, Colorado's top selling hip hop artist and currently a living local legend is featured on this album. We had a huge inventory of songs addressing our own personal issues that we knew the masses could relate to. Everything from single parent households and drug addictions, to police brutality and the media's role in propaganda are challenged with this latest addition. For more information please visit , or Please leave all questions, concerns or comments at 303-434-0869 or
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