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Bull Daboi was born on the Westside of Chicago Illinois in the summer of 1988; he began his career at an early age, performing poetry in elementary school. His grandfather, a member of a gospel group, served as his earliest inspiration. Bull’s first recording took place in his grandfather’s unused studio. His song caught the attention of his friends and around the neighborhood, sparking his desire to continue performing with aspirations to hit the big time. In high school, Bull formed the Info Red Team with Cheeks Dat Deal and D. Johnson; they started their own underground label, entitled Straight To The Point; they also performed shows and events throughout Illinois, building up their fan base. After graduation in 2006, Bull Daboi joined the military, a decision heavily influenced by his grandfather, as a way to repay him and make him proud. During his time in the military, Bull has performed overseas in Germany, France, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Berlin, performing for civilians and troops alike, garnering himself international attention and fans. While deployed and serving his country, Bull Daboi continued to record and perform and is now back to show us all that 2012 is The Year of The Bull. From the Streets, to the Military, to life in general, Bull Daboi is here to tell his story. Bull Daboi is Music.
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