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Born May 25th (Gemini season) and raised by a melting pot family of a Panamanian (hispanic) father and American mother in Brooklyn New York, Rozetta Marie was first recruited by the National Dance Institute and performed in modern theatrical dance at venues such as Madison Square Garden and Lincoln Center under the instruction of the great Jacques D'Amboise. It wasn’t until high school that she realized her talent and passion to sing and formed a group with some friends called Shades of Innocence; then went solo soon after high school, and started making her own way in the industry as a solo Pop/R&B artist. Her persistence, dedication and tenacity awarded her many great opportunities such as singing for major productions in the background chorus at Lincoln Center, opening up for well known and major artists such as Vicki Winans (gospel singer) and Vado (rapper), casted as the lead vocalist for an Off-Broadway play "Gospel of the Harlem Renaissance" directed by the late, great Titus Walker of the Ujamma Black Theater, and more recently performed as a featured artist for a John Blassingame production. Rozetta Marie’s alto 1 range is often compared to that of Regina Bell, Toni Braxton, and Jasmine Sullivan. Her spicy, seductive Panamanian flow mixed with all her Gemini personalities shows immensely in her versatile style (often compared to that of Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Vanity, and Kelis), as she makes you want to dance, fall in love again, cry, fight, laugh, and everything else in between. Rozetta Marie’s music received an article/review in Music Connection Magazine, radio spins, and amazing performance opportunities across the NY tri-state areas. Looking forward to even greater opportunities, Rozetta Marie is ready to take over the world! Her newest single, Caged Animal is only the beginning. Being the entrepreneur that she is, she’s also a published model, published writer, radio/talk show/ and event host/MC. She even recently was casted for a lead role in a new hip hop web series "The Club". Rozetta Marie represents #GeminiLife to the fullest not only in her life but in her music as well. “Neglect not the gift that is in thee…” words that she lives by. Rozetta Marie is destined for greatness and won’t stop until she fulfills every goal! In the words of Music Connection Magazine, “…she’s a born performer…” In the words of Rozetta Marie, “I don’t want this… I NEED this.” Rozetta Marie… #GeminiLife

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