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Name:Nathanael "NADO" Mercado Age: 21 Place of Origin: Bronx,New York Genre: Hip hop & Rnb The new" Energy EP" from young Puerto Rican phenom "NADO" was an inspiration for those who enjoy both the new and old fashion hip-hop sound. Gathering influence from the likes of Slick Rick, Jay-Z, Big Pun, Eminem, Fabolous, Kanye west, and Drake. Nado has developed several rhyme styles that allow him to adapt to any song. Being raised in the Bronx Nado's Interest in music goes back to his early childhood seeing his father persue music in the late 90s to early 2000s. Deciding to start taking music seriously Febuary of 2017 at the age of 20, Nado and his family invested in a home studio so that he could perfect his craft. In under 6 months Nado has written and recorded approximately 100 plus songs. In addition to running his own studio and record lable. Nado also Mixes and Masters all of his music, and has produced 2 records of his own. He's completely self taught and self sufficient because of his beliefs, "if other people dont love your music" or "dont believe in your music, it will not be the quality thats deserving. it is better to take matters into your own hand when it comes to music." Nado's main goal is to deliver quality music to the new generation while at the same time delivering music for the previous era of Hip-Hop and RnB.
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