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Tyrone Thompson Jr was born and raised in Kenner, La. He has always been known to his family and friends as "Lil Tee", a name given to him by his mother whom if asked he will tell you is one of his closest friends. Tee began to learn firsthand the ups and downs of life at a young age, but it was when his parents lost their family home that Tyrone decided to take his frustration to paper at the age of 18. From there, Tee faced obstacle after obstacle. Instead of letting that frustration weigh him down, Lil Tee set out to fulfill his dreams. Lil Tee exhibited such a natural vocal talent and writing ability, he gained immediate support from those around him. He has been backed by Charles Wilson from day one, his first cousin and one of his closest friends since childhood, who always knew Tee had what it took to blow up in the industry. He later took on the role as Lil Tee's manager. Lil Tee dropped his first album as a part of a group called the ANG Boyz in 2008. While continuing to make music and breaking new ground, Tee touts that he has written every song in his portfolio as he continues to add to his over 50 local performances, a recent performance at the SXSW in Austin and regular air play on Scrap Radio. Louisiana was once known for some of the best rap music on the map. Lil Tee is taking us back in that direction and claiming his own spot on the boot.
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