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Dru Williams, an R&B artist & songwriter from New Orleans is the next big thing. If you haven’t heard him, you will now!   Despite having a rough past, Dru has never given up on his dreams. From being homeless as a kid, to growing up in a crime ridden environment has sent him on a journey of abuse, neglect, even starvation at times. Nonetheless, his determination has turned his journey into a beautiful story.   Dru Williams’ passion for music began at a very young age. His dream of being one of the greatest writers has defined his path. His vision, to teach the young how to love and the old how to live again, is expressed artfully thru his music, touching topics that people of all ages can relate to. With his self-motivation, touching music and fans who support his vision, his dream is becoming a reality. You too, can support, by simply downloading his free music straight from this website. “Beleadat!”                                                

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