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I'm Dee Lyrical.. Use to be The Lyrical Menace! Long story of the change. What can I say? Like many I'm trying to achieve something in life, I'm limited yet solid to this soul of mine... Yes from Cleveland... Producer, actor, rapper, song writer, and artist in every sense of the word! Yes, from the Land, Shit anywhere else I would be on the top of the charts! lol Loyalty ain't actually as supreme as it should be, but Yes, its home... We all have our ups & downs! And it's not what happens to us in life that shapes us, but its how we choose to react to it that builds us & makes us solid... Also a Father & a damn good cook! You gotta love this rap game!!! So many elements to one mind can blow ya mind. Keep and eye out for me & my team... Lets ride! On soul.. Fo'sho'!

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