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Grew up in the mean streets of Detroit, MI. Tony RB was always a fan of hip-hop. Ever since he heard Jay-Z's "Big Pimpin" he's been penning rhymes in his notebook in hopes of becoming the next Hip-Hop Icon. With the drive, hunger, passion, intelligence, direction, support, and lyrics that he has; there is no doubt that his time will soon come. With his debut single "Barry Sanders" floating around Detroit, it's only a matter of time before he gets his big break. When people think of Detroit, they think of the hardship, and destruction, and the bad press that the city has been going through for the past years. No one really thinks of the good. Tony RB is here to tell the story of a kid that grew up on both sides of the tracks. A Boy Scout who stayed in trouble. A church kid who loved always found his way back to the street. A kid who grew up in the hood dreaming of better. This is his story. This is Tony RB. These are his rhymes. This is street knowledge.

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