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Born in Baltimore, MD. Swank Sinatra has roots in the Caribbean. Trinidad and Tobago to be exact. ? Swank Sinatra grew up in Brooklyn, NY and the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area where he finished high school in Loudon County. ? He has college degrees and is currently still in college. ? Swank Sinatra currently resides in Denver, Colorado with his wife, child, and three dogs. ? He started out with spoken word while he was deployed to Kuwait in 2015 and recently ventured into the music scene in early 2017. ? He recorded his very first track called "Grow Up" at CCM Recording Studios in Denver. This is also where he still records and where all his tracks are recorded at. ? Swank Sinatra is hoping his music reaches everyone around the world. His lyrics are about his life and what he has been going through. He recently had a complete turn-around with his life which brought about the need to make music. ? His beat-selection and delivery-type is not like any other traditional rappers. He likes to pick challenging beats and very non-traditional styles of delivery. ? "I enjoy making music, I want everyone else to feel how I'm feeling through my lyrics and beat-selection." - Swank Sinatra
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