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Hello, Im Patrick Roberts Aka. Rickyy P and Pat Tha Producer. I was Born and Raised In Cleveland and Euclid. EastSide for life. Im 22 years old, a high school graduate. Ive been around music all my life from so many different genres. Everywhere from school to the street corner i always heard some type of tune. Its my escape from everything. Listened to everything from old blues and rock to classical and everything in-between. I started off in music with making instrumentals and that evolved to writing rhythms. Im am sending you a copy of a Demo tracks of mine to listen over and criticize. As much as a musician i am, im also a Music Producer, Designer, Graffiti Artist, Idealist, and Visionary. Thank you for the time and hope you enjoy. I will be leaving links to my social media as well.
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I AM RICKYY P >>>>> Also Follow My Instagram

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