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B.L.O is a musical genius waiting to be noticed. He is living proof that hard work, determination and fairplay can gain the respect of others and help get you a long way in life. Born Ronald Clifton Bullock, this Bronx, NY native grew up in music’s most experimental era (the 80’s) and was heavily influenced by what was going on with everything from pop to soft rock to soul and R&B. He became more interested into hip hop and rap after being influenced by hip hop themed movies such as Kid and Play’s “House Party" and The Fat Boys’ “DisOrderlies". Growing up as a typical kid in the hood, Ronald started rapping as a gimmick to impress the cute girl sitting next to him in his fourth grade class, making joke songs like the Steve Urkel song and the cartoon rap in an attempt to get her attention. He didn’t really take it as a serious manner though. A year later as a fifth grader, he participated in his first performance at a Black History Month Assembly as he performed a Dr. Martin Luther King rap he wrote himself. After this performance he was sure that he was taking interest into making music but didn’t know it was possible for kids as young as him to do it. A few months later, Kris Kross, a group consisting of two kids who was just 2 years older than Ronald, emerged onto the music scene and became the biggest hip hop act of the year. This is what drove Ronald into wanting to be a fulltime musician. After watching Kris Kross’ success, Ronald attempted to build a rap crew consisting of his friends and set the goal for them to break into the business as a group, but this grew unsuccessful because none of the friends had the same passion towards accomplishing the goal as Ronald did and eventually this would show a few years later when Ronald would sign up his crew, then known as the Hip Hop Kidz, for a talent show and ended up performing solo due to the group’s lack of seriousness. This eventually became a defining moment. Ronald, now going under the stage name of II Cold B.L.O went on to perform solo, unexpectedly rocking the crowd with the first verse of a song he wrote at the last minute, but even more unexpectedly forgetting the words to the second and last verse of the same song. The feeling of humiliation and shame set a now even more determined B.L.O off, his new goal was to avenge this bad experience by having a successful career in the music business. This was a new beginning for B.L.O; he would eventually kill off his rap crew, the Hip Hop Kidz, and create a record label to show how serious he was about his new goal. The label was called H.H.K Entertainment but was renamed Bomb Baby Unlimited, Bomb Baby after a deceased friend and first official artist on the record label (Purcell ‘Baby Bomb’ Young) and Unlimited because he did not want his company to be limited to just music and entertainment. As a side note, he was just 14 years old when he started this label. Over the time B.L.O has not only grown as a devastating mc, he also grew as a good business man with an innovative mind. He has gained respect from older underground artist because of his talent and appreciation for the true art form of hip hop, younger artist because of his work ethic and drive for accomplishment, fans who love the energy he brings as well as his wordplay and business execs that love his innovation and will to learn and improve. His talent speaks for itself; he is a great lyricist with amazing punch lines and clever wordplay (which is where the name comes from, B.L.O is an acronym for Best Lyricist Out) and has a broad versatility with style and subject manner. He is appealing to both mainstream and underground fans and has been called one of the best unsigned hip hop acts. B.L.O will definitely shine like the star he knows he can be. He currently has an album , “Virtuosity" out in major retail, and is hard at work putting together his follow-up album “Live From Tha Hood".

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