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Artist bio! (Apollo13) Joseph Ceja (born Oct.31.1992) whos stage name is (Apollo) is a new age rapper,singer,producer,writer and musician. He was born in Dallas TX and was adopted at birth. Rebecca/Joseph were his adoptive parents who raised him in Ohio. While living in Ohio Joseph struggled with many hard ships and a missing identity. He soon realized he found relief through music and art. In school Joseph was awarded in a art show for his art depiction of (Love) at (Ohios BowlingGreen). Joseph also had his own art/poetry show at the age of 15. Growing up Joseph loved being under the spot lite he was in several stage productions for being a director/actor was his second dream. Josephs parents were both school/church pastors, he spent most of his childhood in the church. His father got a teaching position in Richmond VA were he and his family moved when he was 12.Once he moved he started going through a lot of problems. He was always miss understood and fought depression daily. Joseph went through a ton of mental and physical neglect while in high school from his parents and failed freshman year. From age 15 to 18 he was falsely incarcerated by his father and mother who he was later removed from there custody. While on his own he started to write.Bouncing from house to house he got his first apt through being a care taker. After that fell through he ended up getting a place with his ex fience Michelle who after 4 years got toxic. Joseph then moved back to Ohio to start life over again. It was there that he found his self in music. In 2015 Joseph became a father to his son (Emilio) born( Oct.13.2015). In 2016 he used his tax money and bought a laptop and a (Blue Bird Yetti Mic). His first Mixtape (Apollo13 spaceman's trilogy) launched (may .8. 2016). With great success and motivation from his piers he instantly started on 2B Young Again. His motivation for this album came from, growing up in a rough upbringing striving to be a adult only to become a adult and wish to be a kid again. His release date hasn't yet been set for this album. Joseph has leaked 4 songs (Kross Chatter,4my son,Room151,Panamandapt2) Joseph continues his dream of being a music artist and follows it with strong passion for his craft/vision. To be continued...
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