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Bonnie Cash born on October 1st, 1991, is a rising female rapper. Raised in the Bronx where drug abuse and violence was the everyday norm even in the her home. Growing up having nothing she opt to change that. Being the oldest having two younger siblings blame was often put upon her, she had to set an example. Where was her example? Either she was going to follow in her mothers footsteps or make her own path as she did. Music was an everyday thing in her household from young, a way to escape. Often trying to figure a way out of this piss poor cycle at age 14 is when it all changed. Not just turning to the streets but also tiring to music. She'd listen to her CD player on her way to and from school, not only did it help her pass the time on the train ride but it also made her want more out of life. She'd listen to music everyday, all day so if she figured if she can make music too than she to can live like these rappers she sees in the video. Her favorite rappers stem from jay-z to big L biggie, Tupac, and Nas. While she started writing music at age 14 by age 15 she got into a relationship with her h.s. crush that brought out a more softer side and started writing poetry but he too had a love for music and he push her to write rhymes. Her material was better than ever, bars for days. Punchlines like no other. Her mother finally cleaned up and decided she was going to move her kids out the Bronx to VA her 12th grade year. Bonnie finished high school, attended a University for a semester snd dropped out due to financial reasons so she turned to streets yet again at age 19 as she did age 14. She also started doing music again but with music becoming more about the melody rather than the bars she figured she put them together and there you have it Bonnie Cash.
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