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Born and raised in Minneapolis,MN on 08/23/1988 From the south side of the twin cities I found music at the age of 14, it has been my passion every since I knew what music was,meant, and stood for. Both of my parents were strung out on drugs and me and my older sister were in and out of foster homes at a very early age. Writing and being able to express myself through music has always been my gate of the harsh realities I had to face growing up. I have 7 children and I'm the oldest boy of 9. I'm half African American and Hispanic. I've been working so hard towards the fact that Minnesota has no voice sometimes it can be over whelming trying to carry your city on your back but for me it's not a problem Minnesota made me so I don't mind a bit.i just wanna be heard and for my family and my city to remember me for the dedication and hard work I put into my craft. Never been selfish because I came from nothing I know what it's like and how it feels to have nothing so the challenges life threw at me through the grace of God I was able to overcome. I just wanna B heard!

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