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DAMAGE CHICAGO’S OWN, DA’RESUME’ Damage: 1st rap ever wrote, was a song called ‘I’m from Englewood. (Chicago) this was in the late 90’s, later Damage would go on to release his first mixtape, entitled ‘Scene of Submission’ under the production of D. White of, (d white productions). Later released his second mixtape, but under his own label, DMG Records entitled ‘Damage Unsigned’ in 2011. "Many, many projects have been released between dates say's Damage, a lot of collaborations." Now working on his latest mixtape ‘Da Resume” Damage say’s “I plan on getting the attention of well …Everybody! -DAMAGE DA’ RESUME Check out all the new music and videos from DAMAGE Booking: PHYSIX STUDIOS-502 295 1541 DMG RECORDS-502 418 1826

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