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I'm honestly a cool fuckin guy...omg can i say "fuck" in my bio?! G3GetzCrazy is my name, I'm an awesome artist that you should check out. Right now I'm just your average early twenty something year old from a small town with a HUGE gift (you see what i did there). I am the leader of a super group collective "BYMP" or "Blow Your Mind Productions" and an even bigger group of multiversatile (not a word but it sounds awesome) family "C.L.O.U.D. ent." or "Can't Lose Our Undefined Determination Entertainment" (dramatic pause/sexy eyebrow raise) I've been singing since i was able to talk, born into gospel music and r&b, with a hint of pop. I sang in my churches choir till I was 18 and also did school choir throughout my youth and teen years. I started rapping when i was 15 and got so intertwined with what i could do and think of. Now I'm trying to get out there...give my pages a look....and become a fan ?

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