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The dream started back in 2013 when Acee and Dro aka Fan1 were just playing around with making beats and putting lyrics to the beats. Acee and Dro are from Atlanta, GA, born and raised. They met in church as little boys and their friendship developed into a brotherhood as they became young men. Their love for music increased as they began to realize the talent they possess. The dream didn’t become a reality until the summer of 2016 when Fan1 dropped their first project, the Summer Grynd EP. This EP opened up the ears of many family members, friends, and peers. Under the management of SAS Entertainment, Fan1’s fan base increased as the awaited Hug the Moon Mixtape was released in January 2017 with rising views, streams, and downloads. The sounds of Hug the Moon captivated its listening audience. Their new, fresh organic sound will take the music industry by storm. Being new to the industry, Fan1 hasn’t’ even scratched the surface with their pure, raw talent! They plan on moving their generation from Trap music to their innovative, futuristic sound. Fan1 declares that their music will catapult them into the future of Hip Hop. “Music is our escape from a world full of chaos and destruction. We want to show our generation a way out of darkness through positive music. Our music is unique; it’s the beginning of a new era in Hip Hop! 2017 is our year to blast off to the moon!” says Fan1.

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