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Brandon James Sullivan, also known by the stage name Balliztik (pronounced Ballistic), was born January 21, 1989 to Willie (Bill) Sullivan, Jr. and Lennie Leghorn-Knight (Lewis) in Macon, Georgia. He grew up in the Pleasant Hill neighborhood, where he spent most of his pre-adult years. His mother took him and his older maternal brother to church, starting at an early age. Therefore, he grew up in a Christian household. He was always interested in music and even was a fan of Hip Hop/Rap as an elementary student. This infatuation even got him in trouble a time or two throughout his school years. Around the age of 12, he began mimicking rappers such as Eminem, Lil’ Wayne, etc. and writing rap lyrics. He started to find his own style and voice as he got older, although he was still being compared to other artists. Even though he had a Christian foundation, he found himself doing mostly secular music that didn’t glorify the loving God he was taught about growing up. Of course, he continued to attend church and practice many of the things that the church taught him, but it wasn’t until his older brother came home from a three-year prison sentence that he was inspired to alter his raps and style to be more positive and Christ-centered. His brother was into music as well even before going to prison. His brother had made a total commitment to the Lord while incarcerated. Brandon’s brother had started including Jesus and scripture in all of his raps. Eventually, Brandon followed suit as he began to fully surrender his life to Christ in his young adult years. Then, he was called into ministry in 2013 and got married to Kellie Bacon-Sullivan the next year in 2014. He found himself seemingly taking a break from music around that time to get things in order as the head of the household. After some time, the passion for music began returning and Brandon got back to writing and back in the studio better than ever. As a minister to the youth and middle-aged alike, Brandon carries himself in a manner to be a Christ-like example on and off the record. He has rapped and ministered in several locations in the state of Georgia and a couple outside the state. He is known for his lyricism and ability to paint pictures with his illustrious rhymes. It has been said that you can actually feel his heartfelt lyrics. Over the years, he has acquired a love for different genres and sounds, which he also uses to incorporate in his own music. While desiring a stable career in doing his music, Brandon’s ultimate hope is that some might be saved, even by hearing the Word of God through his music and Spirit-filled ministry.

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