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Originally from Cameroon, Nawema's musical career begins in Paris in 2011 after her meeting with Hedayat Music, thanks to him she discovers the rigor, the methodology and the discipline of studio recordings, solid foundations of her learning. • His words speak of love but above all of fighting and moral strength. Besides, it is from this that her first name is inspired, which means in her mother tongue, "the one who is standing". Her influences range from Whitney Houston to Mary J. Blige, Madonna and Rihanna, proud of her roots, she subtly marries Douala, French, English... Africa and Pop / R & B. Today, surrounded by her team, she is ready to deliver her message. • It is simple. "Share her experience with others and make them want to move forward" because the strength of her songs is that she says loud and clear that life has not spared her but that she knows that life Is simple for anyone. Still, we must stay ... Nawema.

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