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This is only a breif synapsis as i was way over the character limit. I was really gitting into this rapnthing, but my people i was working with at the time had a falling out. There were the ones with all the contacts, all i good do was just rap well. So, at that time, I felt at the time, without them helping me to get out there, there's no way i could do this by myself. So, if i wasn't going to be able to put myself out there as a rapper i asked myself "what the hell am i going to do now??" See, my mother is a C.N.A.(Certified Nursing Assistant) and has been pretty much all her adult life. She used to take us as kids to the Nursing Homes to talk and say hi to the Residents there. I thought to myself then that would be perfect. So, i got on my grind i went through a program called S.C.A.P. (Schenectady Community Action Program) and got my C.N.A. Certification. This whole time though, i still never gave up my passion i discovered after College. I kept writing new songs to match my moods, venting to the instrumentals when i was down. I was a C.N.A. caring for elderly men and women for about two years, before i met the current love of my life Nicole Schwing soon to be Nicole Chandler, as that is my last name. My full name is Jahi Chandler, i go Jah and Truth (my brothers call me Truth) my Rap name is Truth St.Clair. While working as a C.N.A. caring for the elderly, even saving a few of their lives before i realized the pay is not matching up to the work. So, I strove to take my next step up the chain of command. That's where the Capital Region BOCES came into the picture. They offered a Ten Month L.P.N.(Liscenced Practiced Nurse) Course. It was Grueling 10 months, going to school and working , but i did and and graduated to become an L.P.N. And now that i have accomplished those goals i feel like i can do anything now. So, now i started to make make real dream come to fruition. I'm a Hungry Rap Artist, not with a street background (even though i did grow up in the hood), but a humble and relatable background. I'm here to Pave the way for my family and while doing so, bring high level entertainment for my fans!! Caution, my music may cause uncontrollable head bobbing!!

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